April 21, 2007

A view of the mountains from a farm near our house:
Mountains as seen from the farm

And some new blooms on a tree:


I love this picture because it captured Julian enjoying two of his favorite things these days – his thumb and his foot. If you like the image too, please click the link that follows and vote for Julian over at the Shutterfly Cutest Kid Photo Contest. I’m hoping to make it into the top 100 pictures, but with the number of entries already nearing 1500, it’s not going to be easy!

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Julian - sucking his thumb and holding his little footsie

Thank you so much! )

(Some people have been having trouble getting the voting verification thing to work. If it fails on you, please try refreshing the page or try again later. Thanks.)


April 4, 2007

Just one of Ava taken the other day while she sat in the window. I thought I’d try something different since the sun was shining in behind her. I’m not sure about how this conversion looks though. Jody said it seems like she’s wearing eyeliner, which, of course, she was not.

Ava 3/28/07


March 22, 2007

Two shots of the kids from today.

Ava’s first ride on her new Big Wheel:
Ava’s first ride on her big wheel

Julian (one day shy of 4 months old):
Julian - 4 months julian4mos957bw-5×7.jpg


March 22, 2007

I realize it’s March 22 now, but I took these pics on the 17th, so I figured that’s what I’d title this post.

Here are my favorite two shots of my kids in a tea cup (available at Walmart). I’d post the specs, but I’m too lazy to look them up at the moment.

Julian Ava


March 15, 2007

I haven’t had time to take many pictures, much less post lately, but here are two pics of the kids I took today.
Life is good. 🙂
3/15/07 Ava making brownies
3/15/07 Julian and my old rattle


March 2, 2007

I can’t resist their li’l footsies. Ava’s feet are a little hot in this image and she wasn’t being very cooperative, so I might have to try this again because I really like the idea.

3/1/07 - Ava and Julian
ISO 400, f/3.2, 1/50


March 1, 2007

A storyboard of Ava painting:
2/28/07 - Ava painting
ISO 400, f/3.2, various shutter speeds

And one of her beautiful brown eyes:
2/28/07 - Ava
ISO 400, f/3.2, 1/200


February 27, 2007

I took this one of me and Julian (and inadvertently Ava) in the bathroom mirror. (See the camera?)

Since I’m generally the one behind the camera, I need to start getting creative if I want to be in any pics. Although maybe the next time I try this, it will be on a day when I’ve actually taken a shower and applied some make-up.

2/26/07 Me and the kids
ISO 800, f/3.2, 1/100


February 26, 2007

I took these pictures with my 50 mm lens while at my sister’s new house this weekend.

One image – two different crops. Which do you prefer?

ISO 100, f/8, 1/200

1)Barn 10×20

2)Barn 16×20

Again, one image – two different crops. Which one do you prefer of these?

ISO 100, f/2.5 (oops!), 1/3200

1) Tree 10×20

2) Tree 16×20